Art Déco inspiration in Barcelona

Art Déco inspiration in Barcelona

In the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample, behind facades of 1900, we have found, renovated and pampered an apartment that is a jewel of architecture and design of art deco inspiration.

We have already told you what we like about living and working in the Eixample and is that sometimes, strolling through this great neighborhood of Barcelona is, traveling to the past. A glorious, modernist and characterful era that has left Barcelona with an identity of its own that we love! In fact, strolling through the neighborhood, we still like to find pharmacies, shops and other places where we can admire these jewels of the architecture of our city.

In Valgreen we have reinterpreted and mixed the most classic style with the art deco so representative of the 20s, along with modern and comfortable interiors in a flat in which the entire team of architecture and interior design has collaborated. Together, we have worked to conserve the wealth of the past by adding the modernity of the present to offer you a perfect mix between both trends and at the same time, a dream space in the heart of Barcelona.

Elegant and well located, we present you Audrey, an apartment on Calle Provença, located in a building from 1932, one of those gems that just make you keep your eyes wide open. Among many of its qualities are the high ceilings and those magnificent spaces that manage to give a great feeling of spaciousness to the whole apartment.

For this project, a contemporary interpretation of the neoclassical style and art deco, the first cousin of modernism, has been mixed to make the perfect cocktail. For our interior designer and decorator, Laura Cotano de Diego, this composition “brings a special essence to the apartment”.

And that very special essence is given by verrières, designed with care in an attack of creativity and ingenuity, especially for this floor. Most of them are located in the main distributor, a step that guides into the rest of the rooms, including the kitchen and a small office.

For the creation of the verrières, we use glass and iron taking as reference the light screens of Frank Lloyd Wright, master of the twentieth-century architecture. We are very inspired by his style and therefore, we wanted to pay him a small tribute in our own way with these verrières.

“The distributor is the heart of the house and gives access to all the other spaces fully dressed with verrières, making you immerse immediately in art deco,” says Laura.

In addition, this apartment combines different materials of very high quality, natural woods, porcelain and Neolith elements that give elegant and distinguished finishes to every corner of the house. The perfect combination!

The moldings of the walls and the high ceilings have just given a select and illustrious touch to the floor and the family room, being of flexible use, can be added to the main set so that the feeling of spaciousness is appreciated even more. Space, space, and more space. There is nothing better than this feeling.

It seems that even though modernity is knocking at our doors, the nostalgia for a modernist and art deco past, continues to leave its mark and we want to take advantage of each part of both to make your home have personality, style and above all, that makes you feel like what it is, YOUR HOME.