Kitchens as the heart of our homes

Kitchens as the heart of our homes

For each person or family, with their own tastes and lifestyle, certain rooms of the house are more important than others. Certainly, through the decades and generations, our lifestyles have been radically transformed, and so is the way of living, using and enjoying our homes. Without much effort, we can remember how the kitchens of our childhood were closed and hidden places where we could count the times that we saw open doors.

Today, to the joy of the Valgreen team, kitchens have become (in most cases) the heart of homes. Therefore, the team puts great emphasis and creativity into kitchen design- because in many cases, it can represent the general atmosphere of the house. Central islands, which can be meeting, eating or working spaces, become the majority focus and create a space that is essential in the flow of daily life at home.

Having an open kitchen is in many cases a forced transit towards the rest of house. This impels us to be creative at the time of design, taking into account the order, cleanliness and functionality of these spaces.

The kitchens, like every part of our remodel or new projects, are like fingerprints. None of them are alike. All are addressed as a new challenge to innovate, improve and surpass the previous one.

The only details that we hide are those that are anesthetically appealing. But now, even the extractor hood can be a jewel in the crown!